Roulette Odds

There are a number of reasons why roulette is such a popular game worldwide, but one of the most important ones are the great odds that players get to take advantage of. While many other gambling games give the house an edge of 10% or even more, roulette odds are quite favourable for the player.

The actual winning odds will depend on the type of roulette wheel you choose to play, but in either case, they will remain quite reasonable. An important thing to note is that the house edge in roulette does not change in any circumstances, unlike games like blackjack where you have to play optimally to lower the house edge.

Before you jump into actual real money play, it is a good idea to find out what the odds and payouts are in each version of roulette. This short guide is dedicated to roulette odds and it will help you learn what kind of payments you can expect when you make various kinds of roulette bets.

European Roulette Odds

European Roulette is by far the most popular version of the game in the world and it is the one you will most frequently find in online casinos and live casinos in Europe and most other parts of the world. European Roulette comes with 37 slots in total and with a single 0 slot.

Thanks to the fact that all payouts are adjusted in a way that leaves only one of the 37 numbers as the one producing the house edge, this edge is diminished to a very low number of 2.7%. This is not the absolute best you can get in the world of gambling, but considering how fun roulette is to play, it is a very reasonable number to work with.

Just as the house edge is 2.7%, so too is the player’s chance to hit any particular number. If you bet on only one number, you will have a 2.7% chance of hitting. Of course, you can place bets on multiple numbers and various inside and outside bets that will give you a chance at scoring a win with various odds. Some of the popular bets and their odds are:

  • Straight bet: 2.7% chance to hit
  • Split bet: 5.4% chance to hit
  • Three number bet: 8.1% chance to hit
  • Column bet: 32.4% chance to hit
  • Odd/Even or Red/Black: 48.60% chance to hit

As you can see, the odds of making a winning bet in European Roulette change depending on how many numbers are in play, but the house edge remains the same in every case. This is thanks to the bigger payouts offered by the low probability bets such as straight bet which pays 35:1 when it is landed.

American Roulette Odds

As you may already know, American Roulette is a game similar to European Roulette, with one major difference. Unlike European Roulette, the American version has two zero slots but identical payouts for all bets, which means the house edge is basically doubled. Indeed, the house edge in American Roulette stands close to 5.4%, which means players have very little incentive to choose this game over its European cousin.

The game is usually spread in American land-based casinos and the fact is that some players have very little option. Since some casinos only spread this game, if you want to play roulette, you will be forced into playing the American version.

However, when playing online, we always recommend playing the European game, since it gives you much better-winning odds and gives the house a lesser long term edge over you.

Working with the Odds: Improve Your Chances

The game of roulette is one in which the house edge always remains the same, no matter what kind of bets you make. However, most players look to win on the session and with this, in mind, there are things you can do to make your odds of winning any given day quite a bit better.

There are two major approaches that players take, both of which are closely related to roulette odds. The first approach is to make smaller bets on the high paying bets that have a low chance of landing. Making a small straight bet will give you a much bigger profit than making the same size outside bet, so it’s an approach for those who are feeling particularly lucky and are looking to spin a small deposit into a large payout.

On the other hand, some players choose to make bigger bets on the more likely scenarios. Betting red/black or odd/even and increasing bets as you win or lose is a reasonable strategy. Of course, keep in mind that increasing bets too much can lead to a quick bust to your gambling bankroll, so make sure you keep it all under control.

Whichever way you decide to go, remember the winning odds of every bet you are making and don’t be too surprised at a straight bet not landing for 50 or more spins in a row. After all, this is well within the statistical deviation of the 2.7% chance and you should be ready for it if you intend to go this high variance route.

Improve your Odds with French Roulette

Players who are really just looking for value and don’t care too much about other factors will want to pick a French Roulette wheel to play. The French version of the game offers a very special kind of rule to players who are making even money bets (odd/even or red/black).

With this version, every time the ball lands in the zero slot (neither odd, even, red or black), the player will get to try and recuperate some of his losses with the en prison and la partage rules. These rules literally cut the house edge on such bets in half, down to 1.35%, which makes this by far the best roulette bet you could make. If you are all about the odds and looking for a way to get the best chance against the house, explore this unique game and enjoy the outstanding winning odds it provides.