Biggest Roulette Cheats

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Biggest Roulette Cheats

Many outlaws have been trying to outsmart casinos since the first casino was established. They come up with the most elaborate plans, team up, and use all sorts of technology and unthinkable means in order to achieve their goal of organizing the biggest heists of all time.

While making up a strategy on how to cheat on a card game sounds manageable, one would think that there is nothing it can be done when it comes to roulette. Roulette is a game that depends solely on luck, there are no big game strategies you could use to win and all that’s left for the player is pray the game falls into the right pocket. So how could anyone organize a roulette scam when it all depends on pure luck? Well, there are many hustles that have managed to do it, and you’re about to find out how.


The Most Massive Teaming Up

Believe it or not, Ohio Casino Control Commission in 2012 suspected that a New York crime ring of 50 to 70 people was trying to rip off casinos playing at roulette tables. How did they do it? Well, some of them would play with bets as low as $1, while others would distract the croupier. A different team would then swipe casino chips, take them to public restrooms and pass them to another team who would return to the tables and either use them to play again or cash them out. Each of them was taking $1000-$2000 and they would operate in different states. Only a small number of them were caught and faced strict penalties, while others are still on the run.


The Smart Eastern Europeans

This is one of the best roulette scams involving advanced technology, more precisely a laser scanner that was embedded in their phones. This technology helped them scan the roulette wheel through their phones and enabled them to calculate the speed of the ball and predict in which pocket the ball will fall. They managed to swipe approximately $2 million but got caught. This did not stop them from keeping the money, as the judge eventually freed them because there was no law against casino cheating.


The Radio Roulette Ball into a Pack of Cigarette

One of the most sophisticated, well-thought and engineering-challenged scam planning of all times is the radio roulette ball that happened in the early 70s. A French roulette croupier had an interest in engineering, more precisely radio, and this inspired him to use that hobby to make more money on his employer’s expense. So he teamed up with his sister-in-law and his brother to test the security first, then proceeded to engineer a roulette ball with a weightless radio receiver in it, and a cigarette pack with a transmitter into it. He switched the ball, his brother placed the bets and his sister-in-law played on the next table with the pack on her. This mechanism was designed to trigger the ball to fall in certain numbers and made them over a million before they got caught and arrested.

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