Best Roulette Strategies For Recreational and Seasonal Online Gamblers

Roulette Strategies

There have been hundreds if not thousands of different game varieties to take the trending position in the online gambling world, but out of all the options, there is one that stands out, and that is Roulette. This game is the perfect balance between skill and luck, and it allows the player the opportunity to make their money back, plus extra! Roulette is a game that has captivated gamblers’ attention for years, and over time any people have come up with ideal ways to play to help rack up that stack quicker. Still to this day, after years of being in the spotlight, players are surprised by the depth of the experience that it provides. This article will discuss the best roulette strategies for recreational and seasonal online gamblers.

The History of Roulette

Founded in France in the 18th century, this game has traveled through the times, increasing in value and potential over the years. Its believed that a man named Blaise Pascal was responsible for the implantation of the primitive form of the game of Roulette all those years ago. Still, thanks to all the gamblers that took a liking to the game, Roulette has been able to not only stand the test of time but pass it with flying colors. 

Years later, a hybrid of the game was invented and started its journey of spreading across the world, quickly becoming the most well recognizable casino game in the market. Italy also made its own variant of the game, which later became known as Biribi.

With more than 300 years in the rotation, this game has outdone itself, bring players a level of both thrill and reward that is incomparable to any other game on the market. Roulette has a way of getting all the best elements into your play, requiring both skill and luck. 

Is There Best Practice For Roulette?

Roulette Strategies

As mentioned many times prior, Roulette incorporates all gamblings’ most sought-after qualities, but like every other gambling game, there is a risk to your adventure. Knowing the best strategy could be the difference between a win and a loss. 

Over the years, many professionals, websites, and books have claimed that they have the secret to making the millions, but unfortunately, having the best strategy doesn’t mean much if you do not know how to execute it. 

To help you with your play’s strategy and execution, the Roulette22 team has sought through all the options and brought you only the best roulette strategies for recreational and seasonal online gamblers, giving you the best bet at winning. 

James Bond Roulette Strategy

It’s James, James Bond! Well, not the man himself, but his intelligent and well-executed roulette strategy, which is displayed in the blockbuster “Casino Royale.” This strategy is known as a slat betting system, which means that your wager value will not change from bet to bet. This s what the strategy will look like in play. 

  • Place a wager of $15 on 19-36
  • A $5 bet will also be placed on the six number socket from 13 to 18
  • Lastly, the player will also place a $1 bet on 0

Although this strategy is noted as one of the most trusted options, it’s still not 100% failproof, and to always keep your play above water, one will still need to have a basic understanding of the game to know when to change things up.

Red and Black Betting Strategies

Are you a beginner to the game of Roulette and wonder which strategy is best for you? Well, we have what you need. The red and black betting strategy is one of the most common and is by far the best option for all those that are just starting out. 

This strategy makes the rules more bite-size and allows new players the chance to gain control of their game. This strategy is best for beginners because players only need to focus on the colors instead of the numbers. 

To put it simply, all the roulette gamblers would need to choose whether they are placing their wagers on the red or the black slots. There are 18 of each color, giving the player a 50/50 chance of winning. Once a win takes place, the gambler will need to double the initial stake they placed on the game. This is the perfect option for those that are also budget-conscious. 


If you have been in the roulette scene for some time, we are sure you have heard of the time-old strategy of Martingale. This strategy is considered a staple betting system for the game of Roulette. This is by far one of the most straightforward strategies to implement into your gamble. 

Essentially, the Martingale strategy prompts you to bet a chosen amount, and with every win, the gambler will need to double their initial wager. If you were to be playing at a roulette table with a maximum betting amount of $2,000 and a minimum amount of $1, and you were to lose 11 rounds in a row, this is what it would look like;


Now that you have all the best roulette strategies for recreational and seasonal online gamblers, all you need to do is pick your favorite option and get started at one of the top-ranked roulette casinos on the web. 

Round Things Up And Get The Roulette Strategies Rolling

Roulette is the perfect game for any stage of an online gambler’s journey. With the chance to put your play to the test or simply relax and gain rewards, this game always for all kinds of adventures. Try out one of the best roulette strategies for recreational and seasonal online gamblers and get started on the experience of a lifetime. 

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